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Flatbed Die Cutting
RK-HDTR-3040-D Roll to Roll Die Cutting With Online Slitting And Turret Rewinding Machine
High Speed Label Die Cutting Machine With Online Slitting & Turret Rewinding
Technical Specifications
  • RK HDTR 3040 D
  • Maximum Paper Width: 300 mm
  • Auto Unwinding Unit With 3” Air Shaft
  • Unwinding Unit Roll ø600MM Maximum
  • Unwinding unit Controlled by Mechanical Brake System
  • Electronic Web Guide Unit for Paper Guide on Unwinding Side Ultrasonic Based System (Brand:ARISE)
  • Re-Pass Scanner System (For Printed Label Die Cutting) with Sliding Assembly (Brand:Panasonic)
  • Die Cutting Unit Area: Width 300mm & Repeat Length 380mm
  • Paper Pulling With Electronic Servo Motor Control (Brand: Schneider)
  • Rotary Blade Slitting attachment
  • Air Blower System for Waste Trimming Collection
  • Turret Rewinding Unit Indexing with Stepper Motor Controller. (Rewinding Roll ø250MM Max)
  • Auto Turret Index (Rewinding shaft Rotate) Once Label / Meter Counter Reach the Target with Timing Setting
  • Switch for Turret Index & Machine Start/Stop
  • Rewinding Unit Tension Controlled by Mechanical Clutch System
  • Facility for Both Forward & Reverse Rewinding Direction with Switch Control
  • Facility for 1”,1.5”,3” Core on Rewinding with Selection on Touch Screen (Easy of Core Change Setting)
  • Online Waste Matrix Rewinding Unit with Mechanical Clutch System
  • Full Touch 7” HMI Screen for Easy of Operation & Setting (Brand: Schneider)
  • Separate Module for Plain & Printed label Die Cutting with Touch Screen Selection
  • Dancer Roller Mechanism with analog output sensor feedback
  • Main Motor 3 HP 3 Phase Motor A.C Variable Speed Controller
  • Motor Operated by Variable Frequency Drive (Brand: Schneider)
  • 0.5 HP AC Motor For Nip Roll
  • 1 HP AC Motor on Rewinding Side With VFD (VFD Brand: Schneider)
  • Meter Counter & Label Counter with Auto Stop Control
  • Machine Controlled By Electronic PLC System (Brand: Schneider)
  • Rewinding Core Size 1”, 1.5”, 3” Air Shaft System. (Each 2 Pcs)
  • Machine Speed Max. 10000 to 15000 Strokes /Hr. (Depend On Length, Substrate, Die Shape For Plain Label)
  • Power Consumption - 6HP 3Phase